2nd semester, 2022-2023 Enrollment Timeline

For:The University Community (Tertiary)
From:The University Registrar (Tertiary Level) by the directive of Academic Vice President
Re:2nd semester 2022 REGISTRATION
Date:September 7, 2022

Please be informed of the timeline for the ENROLLMENT for the 2nd semester of AY 2022-23;

  1. For the College
    We shall have a pre-listing/pre-registration October 17 to November 3, 2022
    Enrollment Period shall be from November 9-19, 2022
    Late enrollment shall be from November 21, 2022 until November 26, 2022.

    Please note:
    1. Courses to be offered must be within the curriculum intended for the semester.
    2. Students will not be allowed to enroll for advanced classes, nor shall such be offered for these purposes.
    3. Students must settle their enrollment issues during the enrollment period only.

  2. For the Graduate School
    Enrollment Period shall be from November 9-19, 2022
    Late enrollment shall be from November 21, 2022 until November 26, 2022

  3. Classes start on November 21, 2022


As approved by
Academic Vice President


Specific Instructions / Reminders

  • The pre-registered courses shall remain in the student’s SIS account until the commencement of the Enrolment Confirmation and Reservation Cancellation Procedure. Unpaid registrations shall be thereafter deemed expired, and slots reserved shall be vacated. Vacated slots shall be made available to other students. Students are encouraged to confirm their enrollment via their payment of the fees before the deadline set. Otherwise, they may be compelled to find other open slots during the enrollment period.

  • Students must fix their schedule during the “add and drop” period only, as provided in the timeline (as attached). During this period, everyone must check and address the circumstances that would require adding and dropping. The approval or application of grade appeals will not be valid grounds for adding and dropping.

  • Until further notice, and unless cancelled due to the long registration period, late enrollment may only be allowed within the first week of classes. Payment in such cases must be made within 24 hours from registration. Failure to do so will result to the automatic cancellation of enlistment.

  • A student may officially withdraw his enrollment within six weeks from the start of the semester. No requests for withdrawal will be entertained thereafter. For now, this may be done by sending a request to (for old students).

  • Slot extensions will never be permitted.

  • No request for late offerings will be permitted during the start of classes.

  • Requests for class dissolutions and merger must be endorsed by the Deans. Upon its execution, the requesting department shall duly notify the students of the same, as the students are likewise required to update themselves via their SIS.

  • The deadlines (adding and dropping, payments) shall be observed strictly.

  • Given that we have sufficiently transitioned, the policies shall be strictly implemented by the offices, with the help of the Respective Deans, Clusters, and Departments.

  • Students who are not officially enrolled will not be allowed to participate in classes. Students who insist on joining classes despite not being enrolled therein will be denied their possible request for inclusion / enrollment, despite their attendance or compliance to the class requirements. There will be no exceptions.


2nd Semester AY 2022 - 2023 REGISTRATION AND ENROLMENT PROCEDURE: (College)


  Particulars Dates
1 MIS submits to the AVP Office the projected number of enrollees in courses registered in the 2nd semester of every curricular program.
2 The AVP Transmits to the DEPARTMENTS the approved PROFESSIONAL COURSES and Course distribution (copy furnished the Registrar, for monitoring)

The AVP Transmits to the REGISTRAR: the approved CORE COURSES and Course distribution
Sept 13, 2022
3 REGISTRAR uploads the Core Courses following strictly the course distribution approved by the AVP, and observing time allocations for online as well as face to face classes Sept 15, 2022
4 DEPARTMENTS upload professional course offerings for the 2nd semester classes (for all students), as approved by the AVP, relative to uploaded schedule for Core courses.
  1. Departments shall follow strictly the course distribution approved by the AVP, and observing time allocations for online as well as face to face classes.

  2. Core courses schedule may be viewed by the department chairpersons

  3. This includes indicating preferences for block sectioning for its programs. Hence, the HOME DEPARTMENTS may opt to block a professional Course offering by indicating the same through AIMS. Course offerings that are not blocked shall be considered as open to all.
Sept 21, 2022
5 The Registrar modifies the uploaded schedule of courses via AIMS, if needed.
6 Dept. Chairpersons assign teachers to uploaded Core and professional courses. (Providing Dept. assign teachers to core courses) for all levels.

Classes without assigned teachers will not appear in the AIS and the SIS.

THUS, faculty loading must be made prior to the pre-registration to avoid the unnecessary inconvenience for all.
Sept 26, 2022

Registration and Pre-Enrollment and Enrollment

(Only classes with assigned teachers will appear in the SIS)
October 17, 2022
1 HOME DEPARTMENTS tagging of required courses for the Pre-Enrolment. October 14, 2022
2 REGISTRAR runs the batch registration creation procedures and preregistration loading in the system for fully evaluated students. No encoding by the departments may be done during this process.

Students without assigned year levels will not be included in the batch registration creation. Evaluators are required to indicate year levels.

Last chance to for the department chairpersons to add deficiencies (Professional and Core)
November 5, 2022
3 HOME DEPARTMENTS review the class lists generated by the PreEnrolment Procedures. Last chance to reserve slots for professional courses for their students November 4, 2022
4 RETURNING STUDENTS (those who did not enroll the previous semester) may still go to their departments for evaluation. HOME DEPARTMENTS create the registration / reservation of returning students.
5 Official start of the enrollment period November 9-19, 2022
a. Reserved enrollment schedule for students who have pre-registered November 9-10, 2022
b. Open enrollment November 11, 2022
6 STUDENTS register and enroll

To Register:

  1. STUDENTS log into the system and either confirm or modify the generated list by adding and dropping. This step should be done online. Students on Campus may go to computer laboratories designated by the MIS.
  2. Important Reminder: Dropping and adding are allowed even before any payment is made.

  3. STUDENTS update their profile especially addresses, contact names and numbers.
  4. STUDENTS print out and keep the registration list.

To Enroll:

  1. STUDENTS remit payment to designated banks or the Finance Office by
    1. November 18, 2022nn for Bank Payments
    2. November 19, 2022, 12:00 nn for Cash Payments

    Unpaid registration will expire by this deadline.

  2. FINANCE OFFICE tags students as enrolled and prints out official receipt. Bank Payments are tagged in the morning after the day of payment.
  3. STUDENTS must retrieve and keep the official receipt from the Finance Office
7 The system will run the Enrolment Confirmation and Reservation Cancellation Procedure. November 19, 2022, 12:00 nn
8 Already Enrolled Students may, after November 19, 2022, 12:00 nn add and drop online for newly vacated slots (Slots opened by unpaid registrations). Students should print out and keep their new registration list.

Students with expired registration may add subjects after November 19, 2022, 12:01 pm, and during the period of late enrollment

Late enrollment shall be from November 21, 2022 until November 26, 2022
9 Classes begin Nov. 21, 2022
10 Within the first week of classes:
  1. STUDENTS may still secure late enrolment until November 26, 2022. The process must be completed within 24 hours from course enlistment. No residual transactions will be permitted thereafter.



  4. PROVIDING DEPARTMENTS request the Registrar to merge small classes.

  5. HOME DEPARTMENTS request the Registrar to dissolve non-viable classes.

  6. The REGISTRAR executes final merging and dissolution of classes


  8. The members of the Faculty may check their AIS for the updated class lists. They will not admit students whose names are not therein indicated. SIS preregistration printouts should not be accepted as proof of enrollment.

Pagkalinga: Developing a Safe Space in Social Media


Check and Validate Email Address in SIS

Please login to your SIS account to check and validate your registered email account by clicking "Edit Profile" in the upper left corner of the SIS page. Make sure that your correct and active AdDU email is the one indicated in the email address field.

If a wrong email is registered, please email us your correct AdDU email address at

The MIS Team

Outstanding Students Awards for SY 2021-22


To: The University Community (Tertiary)
From: Atty. Edgar B. Pascua II
The University Registrar, Chairperson Honors and Awards Committee
Date: July 25, 2022
Re: Outstanding Students Awards for SY 2021-22


We are pleased to inform the community that the Honors and Awards Committee is now accepting the nominations for the following awards for AY 2021-22 to be given during the “Gawad, Gabi ng Parangal” this semester.

  1. Most Outstanding First Year - (From those who are in the second year now)
  2. Most Outstanding Second Year - (From those who are in the third year now)
  3. Most Outstanding Third Year - (From those who are in the fourth year now)
  4. Most Outstanding Fourth Year - (From those who are in the fifth year now, for five year courses)

In this regard, please note the following;

  1. For reference, please note the pertinent provision of our Student Handbook in relation to the awards;

    “Most Outstanding Student Award. The University awards the Most Outstanding Student Awards to students selected from among the Department nominees based on their academic performance, spiritual maturity, and social involvement. The Most Outstanding Second Year, Third Year and Fourth Year (for students enrolled in a five-year course) shall be determined by a committee formed by the Academic Vice President.

    The Most Outstanding First Year Award shall be determined by the Honors and Awards Committee.”

  2. Each Department MAY nominate one student each for the Outstanding First Year, Second Year, Third Year, and Fourth Year awards. From them will be selected the Most Outstanding Students for each year level. The deadline for the nomination shall be on August 3, 2022

  3. In case a department should not make any nomination, it shall expressly declare so, citing the reasons therefor.

  4. The basis for the award shall be the academic performance of the nominees during the first and second semesters of the immediately preceding school year (2021-22). Transcript of records will be provided by the Registrar’s Office. The Office of the Student Affairs will verify and endorse the extra-curricular activities of students on the same above mentioned period.

  5. The Committee will coordinate with the Arrupe Office of Social Formation, Office of Student Affairs, the College Guidance and Testing Center on matters relative to qualification and relevant circumstances of each nominee.

  6. We shall provide each nominee with the Calendar of Activities soon, as well as the forms, online



Please be informed that the adding and dropping period for the higher years (old students) shall be extended until Monday (July 25, 2022) only. Thereafter, the SIS add and drop button will be disabled. Please settle all enrollment issues by then (including payment). No further extension will be made.

Late enrollment for old students shall however be still allowed only until July 30, 2022, through the assistance of the respective Departments.

For the incoming 1st year students (new students), please refer to the advisories of the Admissions and Aids Office.

Thank you.

Atty. Edgar B. Pascua II
University Registrar

Enrolment Confirmation and Reservation Cancellation Update:

The enrolment confirmation and reservation cancellation procedure originally scheduled today, July 1, 2022, 5:00 PM as posted in the AIS and SIS will be moved to July 8, 2022 at 5:00 PM.

After the system runs the process, newly vacated slots from unpaid registrations will be available to all students and can be added online via SIS.


AY 2022-2023 Integrated Graduate School Calendar of Activities


Memo-2022-04 | List of Upperclassmen Courses for the First Semester, AY2022-2023





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