1. Please check your SIS on the first week of classes for any modifications to your room assignments.
  2. For the higher years, you may be delisted for failing to complete your enrollment by your timely payments. (Aug 4, 2023, for bank payments, and Aug 5, 12 noon, for cash payments. Please refer to the timeline.
  3. Reserved slots will be opened to all on Aug 5, 2023, 12 noon
  4. Payment for late enrollees must be made within 24 hours of registration. Failure to do so will result in the automatic cancellation of enlistment.
  5. Courses reserved for the first year will be open for upper-class students anytime during the adding and dropping period. Please check your accounts regularly.
  6. Please refer to our FAQs and Specific Instructions / Reminders earlier posted for more reminders.