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Enrollment Schedule for 2nd Semester, AY 2017-2018


Date(s) Particulars Person/Office Responsible
Oct 21 - 24 2017

Evaluation of students for POSSIBLE late course offerings. (Approval of courses shall be based on justifications provided by the requesting Depts., and availability of teachers from the providing Depts.)

HOME DEPARTMENTS assign course, section, year level and maximum load for each student.

HOME DEPARTMENTS mark a whole section PROFESSIONAL COURSES as REQUIRED for a class if students are not to be allowed to drop that class.  During this period, DEPARTMENT 


HOME DEPARTMENTS create registration for individual cases (preferably the irregular students and returnees), e.g. Departments may add subject and tag them as required for irregular students.  The DEPARTMENT CHAIRPERSONS may add the CORE COURSES for students with deficiencies (and special cases). They shall identify the schedule preferred, but the foregoing may be confirmed subsequently by the Registrar.

NOTE: During this period, department chairs / coordinators and deans may view all the schedule uploaded.

Dept Chairs
Oct 23, 2017 Department Chairpersons submit requests to AVP for the POSSIBLE additional course offerings Dept Chairs

Registration and Enrollment

Date(s) Particulars Person/Office Responsible
Oct 26, 2017 8:00 am to 1:00 pm Last chance for the department chairpersons to add deficiencies (Professional and Core) Dept Chairs
Oct 26, 2017 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm

Batch creation of registrations for fully evaluated students. Students without evaluation will retain their section and year level.

No encoding by the departments may be done during this process.

Oct 26, 2017 starting 1:31 pm

Home Departments review the class lists generated by the batch creation of registration procedure. 

Last chance to reserve slots for professional courses for their students.

Home Department
Oct 25 to Nov 4

RETURNING STUDENTS (those who did not enroll the previous semester) may still go to their departments for evaluation.

HOME DEPARTMENTS create the registration/reservation of returning students. 

Home Department

Online Adding and Dropping

  • Students on campus may use the computer laboratories designated by the MIS
  • Adding and dropping are allowed even before any payment is made
4th and 5th Year

Oct 27 8:00 am to 28, 2017

2nd, 3rd, and 1st Year

Oct 29 8:00 am to 31, 2017

All students

November 1 8:00 am to 4, 2017



To Enroll: students shall remit payment to designated banks, other payment centers or Finance Office by:

Bank and Other Payment Centers   Nov 3, 2017
Cash Payments   Nov 4, 2017

Unpaid registration will expire by this deadline


Date(s) Particulars Person/ Office Responsible
Nov 4, 2017 at 2:00 pm Enrollment Confirmation and Reservation Cancellation Procedure MIS
Nov 4, 2017 after 2:00 pm Already Enrolled Students may add and drop online for newly vacated slots (slots opened by unpaid registrations).  
Beginning Oct 25, 2017 ID Validation (see General Parent's Consent Form below as requirement) OSA
Nov 6, 2017  2nd Semester Classes Begin  
Nov 6 to 11, 2017 Late Enrollment  
Nov 6 to 11, 2017 Merging and Dissolution of Classes Registrar
Nov 13, 2017

Checking of updated list of classes

Advise faculty of any changes (re: dissolved and merged classes)

Providing Departments
Nov 13, 2017 Checking of SIS for updated enrolled courses STUDENTS
Nov 14, 2017

Releasing of Class List Confirmation Forms

Distribution of Class List Confirmation Forms


Providing Departments

Nov 21, 2017 Submission of signed Class List Confirmation Forms to the Registrar Providing Departments


General Parent's Consent Form -- Requirement for ID Validation

To all students enrolling this 2nd semester school year 2017-2018:
  1. Download the General Parent's Consent form by clicking on the link (at the left side of this page) or here.
  2. Print and fill up the form.
  3. Have it notarized.
  4. Bring the notarized copy upon ID validation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Your Registration for the current semester/summer term was not created due to:

  1. Financial Balance/Finance Hold
  2. Department Hold
  3. Office of the Students' Affairs (OSA) Hold
  4. Library Hold
  5. Bookstore Hold
  6. Failed in QPI requirement
  7. You were not yet evaluated

What you can do

  1. Settle your account.
  2. Contact your department.
  3. Contact the OSA.
  4. Return borrowed books or settle accountabilities with the library.
  5. Settle accounts with the bookstore.
  6. Contact your department to begin the appeal process (that is, if you are still eligible for appeal.
  7. Contact your department chairperson.


  1. Your registration is not yet updated.
  2. It is not yet your schedule for online adding and dropping.
  3. Classes have already started.

What you can do

  1. See section #1.
  2. Wait for your schedule posted in SIS (usually on a per year level basis).
  3. Contact your department chair and asked for assistance if you still need to add courses (Note that over-the-counter adding and dropping are for exceptional cases only).


  1. The course offerings are restricted to the programs that requested them.

What you can do

  1. Contact your department chair for assistance.


  1. • Your payment was not posted yet. Payments made thru alternative payment centers (e.g. banks) are posted one working day after.

What you can do

  1. Wait for your payment to be posted.
  2. Contact the finance office thru email,, if it is already more than one working day after you have made your payment. State the payment details (e.g. date of payment, bank name, amount). Always use when sending emails so that you can be identified as a bona fide student


  1. Academic status is determined by your department during evaluation.

What you can do

  1. Contact your department for the correction.


  1. Maximum load is determined by your department.

What you can do

  1. Contact your department to know the reason why you have a limited maximum load and if it still possible to extend it.


  1. These courses are marked as required by your department. Courses marked as required cannot be dropped by the student.

What you can do

  1. Contact your department only if you have a compelling reason to drop the required course.


  1. The balance amount represents the discount. Discounts are posted only after the adding and dropping period.

What you can do

  1. Wait for the discount to be posted.
  2. Do not add any course. This will invalidate your discount.
  3. If you really need to add a course, visit the finance office for reassessment of your fees and additional payment to still avail of the discount.

IMPORTANT!!! New Mode of Accessing SIS

  • Starting June 24, 2017 (Saturday) you may use your addunet account (same as your WiFi account) to access SIS
  • For GRAD STUDENTS who are also ADDU EMPLOYEES, please use your STUDENT CODE as your username and associated password.