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Approved Enrollment Timeline for 2nd Semester 2021-2022

For: The University Community (Tertiary)
From: Atty. Edgar Pascua II, University Registrar
Re: 2nd Semester (AY 21-22) online enrollment
Date: September 11, 2021

To facilitate the more efficient enlistment of students for our 2nd-semester classes, please be informed of the following;

  1. For the COLLEGE
    1. Pre-registration shall be from October 11, 2021
    2. Last day of classes for the 1st Sem - October 30, 2021,
    3. The registration/enrollment period shall be from November 8, 2021 to November 20, 2021
      1. November 8, 2021 Online enrollment via
      2. November 16, 2021
        • 6:30 pm - The system will run the Enrolment Confirmation and Reservation Cancellation Procedure
      3. November 16, 2021 at 6:31pm until November 20, 2021 – Already Enrolled Students may, add and drop online for newly vacated slots (Slots opened by unpaid registrations). Students should print out and keep their new registration list.
      4. There shall be no manual adding and dropping. Corrections may be made by students from November 13, 2021 at 6:31pm until November 20, 2021. (non-extendible)
      5. 2nd Semester Classes will start on November 22, 2021

    1. Last day of classes for the 1st Sem - October 16, 2021
    2. Enrollment shall be online for all students.
      1. Incumbent students: via – Enrollment may commence on October 25, 2021.
      2. New students: via (please refer to the guidelines)
    3. 2nd Semester Classes will start on November 15, 2021

  3. Specific Instructions / Reminders
    • The pre-registered courses shall remain in the student’s SIS account until the commencement of the Enrolment Confirmation and Reservation Cancellation Procedure. Unpaid registrations shall be thereafter deemed expired, and slots reserved shall be vacated. Vacated slots shall be made available to other students. Students are encouraged to confirm their enrollment via their payment of the fees before the deadline set. Otherwise, they may be compelled to find other open slots during the enrollment period.
    • Students must fix their schedule during the “add and drop” period only, as provided in the timeline (as attached). During these period, everyone must check and address the circumstances that would require adding and dropping. The approval or application of grade appeals will not be valid grounds for adding and dropping
    • A student may officially withdraw his enrollment within six weeks from the start of the semester. No requests for withdrawal will be entertained thereafter. For now, this may be done by sending a request to (for the first year and new students) and (for old students).
    • Slot extensions will never be permitted.
    • No request for late offerings will be permitted during the start of classes.
    • Requests for class dissolutions and merger must be endorsed by the Deans. Upon its execution, the requesting department shall duly notify the students of the same, as the students are likewise required to update themselves via their SIS.
    • The deadlines (adding and dropping, payments) shall be observed strictly.

ADDU GSuite, Daigler20 and SIS Accounts

To all College and Graduate School Students:

Please login to your ADDU Google Suite (GSuite) Account to see invitations of your professors to their respective coursewares.

You need to login also to Diagler20 ( so that you can be enrolled by your professors in their respective online classes.

You must also log in to your SIS ( account so your AdDU email will be reflected in the class lists and be able to receive all communication from your teachers about your classes.

If you have concerns about your ADDU GSuite, Daigler20 and SIS accounts please fill out this form:

Honors List - First Semester 2020-2021 Edited

The list of honor students for the 1st Semester AY 2020-21 may be subject to change, given the prevailing interim policy on grade submission, and completion. The release of the corresponding Certificates will be announced subsequently. For inquiries or concerns, please email

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Students who will be applying for the course's shifting can fill out the shifting application form using the link below.

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