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Due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine and at the recommendation of various administrators, Summer Classes in higher education will formally begin on 20 April 2020. Online summer registration and enrollment will be extended until 15 April 2020.


Taking courses in advance is not permitted.

  1. Example: Courses scheduled to taken up the first semester, per curriculum, should not be enrolled this summer.
  2. Students who have already preregistered will be removed from the preregistered list.


Dates Particulars
March 17, 2020 Pre-Listing / Pre-Registration
April 1 - 15, 2020 Online Enrollment for all levels, via
April 9, 2020 (2:00 pm)
  • Expiry of Unpaid registration as of April 8, 2020 (Bank payments)
  • The system will run the Enrolment Confirmation and Reservation Cancellation Procedure at 6:30 pm
April 9, 2020 at 6:31 pm until April 19, 2020 Already Enrolled Students may, and and drop online for newly vacated slots (Slots opened by unpaid registrations). Students should print and keep their new registration list
April 20 - May 23, 2020 Summer classes
There shall be no manual adding and dropping.

To Enroll:

  1. Payment options:
    1. Students are encouraged to pay tuition and fees thru the Online Bills' Payment facility in any of the following accredited payment channels:

      1. BDO
      2. BDO Network Bank
      3. BPI
      4. Eastwest Bank
      5. GCASH
      6. Land Bank
      7. Metrobank
      8. PNB
      9. RCBC
      10. UCPB
      11. Unionbank

    2. For banks and other payment centers (Cebuana Lhuillier; Savemore Bills Payment Counter; SM Bills Payment Counter; and MLhuillier) with no online banking facility, kindly check their respective advisories in accepting over the counter payments before paying.
    3. Last day of payment acceptance for College Summer 2020 enrollment will be on April 8, 2020. Please check the bank’s cut-off time in accepting online bills payment.
  2. Students who paid the required amount (full downpayment) are automatically tagged enrolled within the next banking day. NO NEED TO GO to the Finance Office for manual tagging. Once payment has been verified, the Status under My Registration should be “ENROLLED”. Please verify this in the SIS for your perusal.
  3. For those with old account, student should pay the total balance due first and likewise, account will be opened for pre-registration on the next banking day.
  4. Students may claim the Official Receipt at the Finance Office after the lockdown is lifted.
  5. For Finance office concerns you may reach us through our Facebook Messenger account:

    or email us at any of the following addresses:

All our Finance Associates are available from 8:00AM to 5:00PM, Monday to Friday and 8:00AM to 12:00NN, Saturday except Sundays and Holidays.

Per directive of the AVP

HOME DEPARTMENTS request the registrar to dissolve classes without enrollees.
Written explanation in having no enrollees shall be provided by the AVP as the courses have been approved based on the requests of the departments.

Online Adding and Dropping

Computer Laboratories F609A and F610B are available for online ADDING and DROPPING of subjects
and printing of registration during the enrollment period.

Please be informed that students with pending obligations with relevant offices of the University shall be denied access to their Student Information System (SIS), for the purpose of pre-registration;
This includes, among others, the following:
  1. Office of Student Affairs - For uncompleted or non-compliance with directives/call slips relating to violations of the student handbook (e.g. uniform, ID, validation etc.)
  2. University Treasurer's Office - For pending accounts/Payables
  3. Registrar - For failing to submit the entry requirements despite due notices or signed undertakings
Please immediately proceed to the concerned offices for possible arrangements, or compliance.
This matter shall form part of the regular procedure or general directives of the University community.
For strict compliance.

List of GE Electives

For students who will be taking GE Electives 3118, 3219 , and 4120 the codes for specific courses are listed below (click the item/s below):
Code Course Description Schedule Room
16-726 GE 3219 - Elective 2 WEALTH CREATION 7:40AM-9:10AM MW F507
16-727 GE 3219 - Elective 2 WEALTH CREATION 7:40AM-9:10AM TTH F708
16-728 GE 3219 - Elective 2 WEALTH CREATION 9:20AM-10:50AM MW F508
16-729 GE 3219 - Elective 2 WEALTH CREATION 9:20PM-10:50PM TTH F512
16-730 GE 3219 - Elective 2 WEALTH CREATION 11:10AM-12:40PM MW F509
16-739 GE 4120 - Elective 3 WEALTH CREATION 8:00AM-11:00AM F F301
16-740 GE 4120 - Elective 3 WEALTH CREATION 12:00PM-3:00PM F F300
Code Course Description Schedule Room
16-724 GE 3118 - Elective 1 FAMILY ISSUES 7:40AM-9:10AM MW F505
16-733 GE 3219 - Elective 2 FAMILY ISSUES 7:40AM-9:10AM TTH F509
Code Course Description Schedule Room
16-736 GE 3219 - Elective 2 PHIL. POP CULTURE 9:20AM-10:50AM TTH F509
16-737 GE 3219 - Elective 2 PHIL. POP CULTURE 11:10AM-12:40PM TTH F504
Code Course Description Schedule Room
16-734 GE 3219 - Elective 2 INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES 9:20AM-10:50AM TTH F507
16-735 GE 3219 - Elective 2 INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES 1:30PM-3:00PM TTH F508
Code Course Description Schedule Room
16-725 GE 3118 - Elective 1 VIRTUAL COMMUNICATION 7:40PM-9:10AM TTH F507
16-732 GE 3219 - Elective 2 VIRTUAL COMMUNICATION 7:40PM-9:10AM TTH F508
16-742 GE 4120 - Elective 3 VIRTUAL COMMUNICATION 9:20AM-10:50AM TTH F510
Code Course Description Schedule Room
16-723 GE 3118 - Elective 1 MINDANAO INDIGENOUS PEOPLES 7:40AM-9:10AM TTH F506
16-738 GE 3219 - Elective 2 MINDANAO INDIGENOUS PEOPLES 1:30PM-3:00PM TTH F506
Code Course Description Schedule Room

Logging In

Use your Addunet (Wifi) account. Student codes as login name are no longer valid. Contact the MIS office at F613D if you cannot access your account.


Pre-registration allows students to sign-up to classes even before the enrollment.

The pre-registration button will be found on the left side of the SIS screen.

Pre-registration will be activated one month prior to the enrollment period.

The list of course offering is dependent on the academic departments.

The list of course offering will be updated as soon as the academic departments upload classes.

The list is base on the student's curriculum. For example, an engineering student will not see an Acc 13 course offering.

Courses with unsatisfied prerequisites are not selectable.

Courses already taken and passed will not appear.

Only classes with schedule and assigned teacher will be available.

Yes if the following conditions are met:

  1. Your registration is ready. That is, you have no enrollment blocks.
  2. The pre-requisites are already satisfied.
  3. You have not exceeded your maximum load. Note that courses assigned to your section will be loaded to your registration first.

You just have to check from time to time if the course you need is already available.