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What are the existing College Student Enrollment HOLDS?

Student holds are the means by which different university offices prevent the creation of student reservations for lack of certain requirements. The existing student holds are as follows:

  1. Account Balance Hold - a hold coming from the finance office which requires students to pay their outstanding balances for the previous semester.
  2. QPI Hold - a type of hold which comes as a result of the student being unable to achieve the required annual QPI set by University Standards. A complete list of required QPIs can be found in the student manual. Students who wish to appeal their QPI holds may contact their respective departments.
  3. Unit Hold - a hold coming from the respective school unit to require students to contact their departments to fulfill certain requirements.
  4. OSA Hold - a hold coming from the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) to require students to contact the office to fulfill certain requirements.
  5. FYDP Hold - a hold coming from the FYDP office for certain requirements to be fulfilled by students previously taking FYDP classes.

Understanding the College Student Enrollment Process

Phases of Enrollment

I. Pre Enrollment Phase

  1. Grade Submission - College Faculty Members submit Final Grades Online via the university AIS (Academic Information System) web site.
  2. Student Evaluation - Using the submitted grades, the Program Directors and Department Chairs evaluate the academic performance of their students according to University Standard Guidelines.
  3. Pre Enrollment Run - An automated process run by the University MIS Office to create the reservations of students who were successfully evaluated and are free of enrollment holds.

II. Enrollment Proper

  1. Printing of Student Enrollment Reservations - Students using the university SIS (Student Information System) website retrieve and print their reservation lists.
  2. Online Adding and Dropping - Students who wish to add or drop subjects login to their respective SIS accounts and perform the desired adding and dropping.
  3. Payment - Students submit the required payment (downpayment or full payment) to the finance office or the accredited payment centers. Upon receipt of the payment, the finance office tags the student officially enrolled.

III. Post Enrollment Proper

  1. Start of Semester Classes.
  2. Over the Counter Adding and Dropping - Students who still wish to change their enrollment lists will have to go to their respective departments to add or drop subjects. This process is done during the first week of semester classes.
  3. Late Enrollment - Students who have no reservations apply for late enrollment through their respective department offices. This process is also done during the first week of semester classes.

Logging In to your SIS Account

  • Enter your student code. To determine your student code, remove the last digit in your barcode and get the last (6) six digit of the remaining code.
    Ex: If your barcode is 2200500612345C, Use 612345
  • For first year students, the default password is the entire characters of your ID. Please change your password immediately.

Changing SIS Password

  • To change your SIS password, login to your account and click the "Edit My Profile" link on the left sidebar.
  • Enter your CURRENT password and fill-in the subsequent fields. Take note that the email address is a required field.
  • Click Save.